Cobble paths

(source: pinterest)   Path after path lay stones meshed on top of each other, Four odd firm trees towering above the wooden house; Fit and fought for fourty years, after demonstrations and blinded attacks, Now eerily tranquil with fabricated striped flags.   Rich golden arches, invoking nostalgia and memories, A grey beard, unmistakenly the Grandfather; […]

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  She reminds me of a dolphin, Dipping her nose in the water and then her toes; Dancing, twisting and vibrations of the waves, jumping and circling from the bubbles beneath her.   She reminds me of my Godmother, baking carrot cakes and homemade hot chocolate; tending to her bonsai trees and pruning apricot branches, […]

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Embracing empathy

(source:   Would having VR experiences make us more empathetic human beings? The Award winning VR Experience –  The Tree  builds upon the life and death of a tree in which participants can actively direct the experience that they engage in in the life of a tree.  When the tree is destroyed ultimately and […]

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What is consciousness?

(source: sciencedirect) What is in the content of our thoughts? Are we conscious when we are asleep? Is someone in a comatose conscious? Laureys (2005) looks into the consciousness of those in coma in light of death. If we compare people who are conscious and those that are not and observe those that do a […]

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Do you want to live forever?

Do you want to live forever? Overworked?  Underpaid? Karoshi?  Suicide? What if you had a choice to live forever?  Would you want to do that?   Technology is accelerating so is medical research. When Futurists engage in discussion on uploading our brains to the cloud – just think about it for our moment – we […]

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