The Candle

source: Candlecanvas   There is no flame that burns so softly, There is no right or wrong to the sway; Like a house of cards falling to the ground, is brought to dust, then laid in the river…   Tapping through the rain, blown against the wind, a zig-zag movement down the valley, from on […]

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The New King

You are now the New King, And so he smiles, what new responsibility, what new challenges, what…. What are they going to do? Young by age, green by nature, hardly faced crushing defeat. Now, that will all change. Cheers, and waves of flags, he embraces the new cloak of authority, Will he ever see them […]

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Master Yi Kyubo

Source: Medium Master Yi Kyubo Sitting under a soft green tree, Listening to the cicadas hum; I sit at the bottom of the staircase waiting for Master Yi Kyubo. In concentration, he meditates, Lifting the wooden brush ready for the first stroke; The pellet is of fresh, squid black ink, A smell of charcoal and […]

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    Back based at the stables, A chase, a game of people; Twists and turns, locked windows; Escaping the madman.   Fairfloss, sweetness, A strange clown and overbearing lady; The musketeers and Cinderella, they walk down that parade, There is no sun, just artificial light, an in-house studio forever present, forever on show.   […]

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  She possessed me in the same way that she did last night, Dripping voices and liquid delight into my presence; Her gaze gripping mine, her aura ever present.   As a plane flies by she does not falter, she shines on, I could not resist her gaze yesterday; Neither could I today, Her beauty […]

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The Secret – Law of Attraction

After the New Years, with much eating and digestion – I catch up with a good friend and entrepreneur recently working in the hot whisky sauce industry at Melbourne’s well known Brunetti‘s for a cup of coffee and chocolate cake.  The scenery full of families, couples, tourists, with the buzz of caffeine betrays the kind of seriousness […]

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