Real deal on Future lawyers

Diversity, flexibility, options and living as we wish – whilst seemingly simple is harder to achieve than one thinks. As we share stories of what we would be doing if we are not a lawyer, the answer was broad – pilot, opera singer, teacher, boat maker….the list goes on… What do we want as future […]

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Objectifying Blockchain 1

When you see a room full of lawyers eager to learn about blockchain, you know one is about to see a sea change. Financial cryptography they start, is a study between the spaces; going back to The Netherlands in the 90s, we are given a tour of history of how signatures are minted onto coins […]

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Challenges in Change

Source: Pinterest Why do you want to change? What makes us change? What is the greatest hurdle to change? Us? Them? Others? Society? Why? Sometimes the storm is not outside, but right inside, deep in one’s minds eye. Some call it, ‘looking beyond the sushi train.’  The analogy of how, at the first instance there […]

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Reinventing Yourself

How do we reinvent ourselves? When do we reinvent ourselves? Do we need to reinvent ourselves? As I sit in the session of Reinventing ourselves at the IBA conference, speakers discuss personality traits, notions of success and failure, resilience, Maslow’s Needs, making changes and the larger questions of How, Who, When, Where, What? In what […]

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The Japanese maple leaf

(pic source: The Spruce)   It came upon her like a snow flake, As she watched the autumn leaves fall; One stood out, among the green, one perfect Japanese maple 6 leaf fell to the ground. Where it came from did not matter, Taking it in her hand she returns to the kitchen; There smells […]

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To goodbye

He was dragging his heels, as he waited for the car, With an overplucked guitar in one hand and heavy black suitcase large enough to be a bean bag; Friend No.2 comes over, embracing his hands as brothers in arms, And stand calmly in the morning sun.   Time stood still for a moment, The […]

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(source: xpin) Turning their tables sitting in groups of three, They unfold their cards held tightly to their chest; Raising their hands to find like minded people, No names, No ID, throwing pens, sitting down like school kids they begin.   ‘Hush, hush’ calms the teacher, Some stare, others gaze – an important lesson to […]

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